Props kit Barrels

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Props kit Barrels

Sergey Samsonov
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The geometry is not optimized and not refined. The kit is made for conceptual renders and is not made for finalizing projects.

Kit description:

To create blockouts and concept art

The measure unit of the model is meter

No textures and UV-maps

Medium and high poly mesh

Objects are divided into materials

Please do not resell or torrent this =)

Kit includes:

Metal barrel and cover

Closed metal barrel

Plastic barrel

Plastic bottle for cooler

Small metal keg

Large metal keg

Aluminum milk can

Plastic paint bucket wide

Metal garden bucket

Plastic bucket narrow

Metal paint can

Small milk can

Bottle for water

Aerosol can

Platsik bank

Air freshener

Kit features:

Models are made in Gravity Sketch. Geometry and topology are optimized in Blender.

I want this!
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